After Full Confession, 2 Democrat Leaders Sentenced For Wire Fraud, Corruption Charges

Welcome to the season of constant political corruption.

It is remarkable that all this Democrat corruption is happening without a Clinton in a political office.

But it is not remarkable that Democrats are being caught and forced to pay the consequences—because Trump is draining the swamp.

Two Democratic leaders from Kansas City, Missouri, have confessed to federal corruption charges.

Confessed, and now about to be sentenced.

From the Kansas City Star:

“Mike Sanders, a former Jackson County Executive, prosecutor and once a rising star in Missouri’s Democratic Party, is now a convicted felon after pleading guilty Friday afternoon to a federal corruption charge.

“Sanders admitted in court to misusing tens of thousands of dollars for his personal gain, including trips to California wine country and to pay his federal income taxes. He then lied about it by not including the expenditures on campaign finance records.”

At least he was creative about it all. Who would have thought of using government funds to pay your personal income taxes? Seems sort of circular.

Mr. Sanders has a friend who is in trouble as well.

“Sanders’ longtime friend, aide and chief of staff, Calvin Williford, sobbed after pleading guilty at a separate hearing earlier Friday to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. He testified that he and Sanders used campaign cash for gambling trips to Las Vegas and other personal purposes.

“The charge against Williford also describes a scheme involving an unidentified printing company. The company would submit bogus or inflated invoices in order to funnel payments to Williford and other workers on Sanders’ campaigns that they did not want to identify on disclosures filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.”

Do people who pull stunts like these really believe they will never be caught? Self-delusion? Or are they just aware of so much of this sort of thing going on, that they figure investigators will never get around to finding them?

The story continues with a detailed description of the complicated schemes these men employed for moving and diverting funds for personal use. And it was no small project. One wonders how they had time left to do their jobs.

“Sanders and Williford are both free on signature bonds pending sentencing and were ordered to surrender their passports.

“Conspiracy to commit wire fraud carries a maximum punishment of five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.”

Thus two political careers come to ignominious ends.

Source: Kansas City Star

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