Western Governor Signs Bill Into Law Restoring Citizens’ 2nd Amendment Rights To The Fullest

What is the best defense against mass shootings?

If you ask a Democrat, they’ll say to limit gun ownership.

But that easy and knee-jerk answer never works. Just look at all the gun-free zones that are host to murder.

The correct answer is to arm citizens. Would-be shooters will think twice if they knew their victims would be shooting back.

That’s just what this Western state believes. They just signed a bill into law that will make sure every American has a fighting chance.

The bill is being praised as a pro-Second Amendment law. It has restored this important right to the people.

From Washington Times:

Gov. Matt Mead has signed into law a measure allowing people to carry concealed weapons into churches and other houses of worship in Wyoming.

The legislation Mead signed Monday was approved earlier by the Wyoming Legislature…

Supporters say church-goers need the ability to defend themselves against attackers such as a man who killed 26 people in a Texas church shooting in November. They also note that churches can now allow people to open-carry weapons.

Nobody likes the idea of people packing heat in a church. But it’s better than having dead people in a church. In a time when sick losers open fire on Houses of God, we need to be prepared.

Let doctors and professionals discuss the causes of mass shootings. The rest of us? Let’s protect our families.

The recent shootings at churches could have been easily stopped, had a church-member been armed. Not everyone has to carry a gun. Only a few vigilant members of the congregation need to be strapped. They can even be ushers or deacons placed by the doors. The rest of the church can worship in full security.

This kind of legislation makes sure that no citizen is left defenseless. Police work hard to keep our communities safe. But they can’t be everywhere. It’s insane to think that an American citizen cannot fight back in the face of death.

Hopefully, more states will adopt Wyoming’s policy. If so, we will finally see an end to mass shootings.

Source: Washington Times

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