Trump’s ICE Storms 77 Businesses In Sanctuary State, Hands Them 3 Day Deadline

When California announced it would defy the government to protect illegals, ICE put them on warning.

Acting Director Thomas Homan promised they would come down on the state hard. They would not get away with violating federal law while endangering American lives.

ICE has been good to their word. Homan called for a 400 percent increase in activity. Last month, they conducted a sweep of 7-Elevens across the country. That raid rattled the chain’s cage, which had been employing illegals.

Now ICE sets their sights on California.

From Fox News:

Less than a month after federal immigration officials raided nearly 100 7-Eleven stores nationwide, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents conducted another sweep this week in Northern California, officials said Thursday.

This time, ICE agents searched 77 businesses in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas in what was believed to be the largest localized raid since President Donald Trump took office, the San Francisco Chronicle reported…

Unlike the 7-Eleven raids in January, which resulted in 21 arrests, ICE didn’t identify the businesses hit this week, nor did the agency make any immediate arrests, the paper reported.

However, federal immigration officials issued notices of inspection, and ordered the businesses to provide proof their employees are legally allowed to work in the U.S. — giving them three days to comply, the paper reported.

ICE cleverly did not disclose which businesses they raided. This was by design. Not knowing which groups they are targeting means everyone is being targeted. Businesses in San Francisco, Sacramento, and the rest of CA will be on edge. At any moment, ICE might pounce.

That’ll make them think twice about hiring illegals.

These kinds of raids put pressure on local businesses. It might even hurt the economy and the jobs of law-abiding citizens. The irony is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Had California agreed to cooperate with the federal government, apprehending illegals would be far less painful.

Instead Gov. Jerry Brown decided to spit in the face of the administration and every American citizen. This is what he gets.

Unless clowns like him are voted out of office, this kind of thing will continue.

Source: Fox News

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