Report: Americans Now Have 867 Million Reasons To Make Trump’s Travel Ban Permanent

One of the biggest differences between Republicans and Democrats is the mindset of how charity should work. And the difference of opinion about this subject is nothing short of shocking.

For Republicans, charity should come from the heart of the American. That Americans can choose any amount from their own pocket to support any organization of their choosing.

According to Democrats, taxpayer money from the American needs to be taken away from them, in order to support the charities that government feels are the best charities. And that is why we have such a heinous organization such as Planned Parenthood getting taxpayer funds.

But there is another form of charity that Democrats keep pushing on Americans, and that is the taxpayer support of refugees. And the amount of taxpayer money that Americans are being forced to put towards this group on welfare is staggering.

From The Daily Caller:

The five-year cost to American taxpayers for refugee resettlement in the U.S. is an estimated $8.8 billion, the Federation for American Immigration Reform reveals, relying on data from an extensive Office of Refugee Resettlement study. That works out to $79,600 per refugee, a figure which does not factor in the costs of “additional vetting and screening expenditures, law enforcement and criminal justice costs, and federal homeland security assistance to state and local agencies … associated with some refugees who pose a threat.”

Of the $1.8 billion spent on refugee resettlement each year, an estimated $867 million is spent on welfare, medical care, and housing assistance. The average income of a refugee is $21,000 during their first five years in the country, with the average hourly income of the only 54 percent of all refugees in the workforce sitting at $11, the report introduces.

The tax contribution of refugees is reportedly “negligible” compared to the cost of admitting them.

I would argue that if you gave Americans the choice, a lot of people would be very happy to donate to refugee causes.

In fact, I would argue that more money would be given to refugees on a charity basis if taxpayers weren’t forced to drop welfare money for every single person that enters this country without knowing the language or having a marketable skill. America is the country of opportunity, not the country of free handouts.

What is happening is that Americans are beyond weary of Democrats telling them what charities they need to participate in. If given the choice, Americans would prefer to have more of their money that is going to taxes instead go into their pockets. From there, they can decide where they want to donate their extra cash and give other needy families an opportunity to jump out of poverty.

In short, let the American people decide what to do with their money. They know best.

Source: Daily Caller

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