Trump Slaps $60B In Penalties On Trade Giant, Sparking Washington Swamp Meltdown

Corporate America and the swamp creatures in the nation’s capital sold out to our trade partners many moons ago. So much so in fact, that many of our so-called trade ‘partners’ have actually become our trade enemies.

But, we can all take solace in the fact that we finally have a leader in place that’s going to do his best to stop the bleeding.

President Donald Trump has already announced that he’s looking to drop tariffs on our trade enemies to level the playing field, and he’s now doubling down on that.

By the end of the week, POTUS is expected to completely rattle one of our biggest trade enemy’s cage to affect the change that simply needs to happen.  

The Daily Caller has the details.

President Donald Trump will announce Friday a host of new tariffs on Chinese imports, a Monday report from The Washington Post claims.

Trump’s China-specific plan, totaling an estimated $60 billion annually, goes far beyond the $30 billion plan White House staffers presented to POTUS last week and would allegedly make good on his “America First” campaign promises.

As a general rule of thumb, we can judge the wisdom of the president’s decisions by the meltdowns they inspire.

That’s certainly been the case here, as the swamp creatures are downright livid. Their cronies in the press have been prodded to step it up with their Chicken Little routines, and the proposed tariffs are being presented as an absolutely horrendous decision.

As per usual, Trump is undeterred by the over the top hysterics.

Four administration officials confirmed to WaPo the tariffs will be applied to more than 100 products the president argues were developed “by using trade secrets the Chinese stole from U.S. companies or forced them to hand over in exchange for market access.”

It is yet to be seen how the media and lawmakers will react to Trump’s new plan, considering the bipartisan backlash his recently-instituted tariffs on steel and aluminum imports garnered.

Larry Kudlow, the president’s new National Economic Council director, has openly stated his opposition to the prior set of tariffs, yet has urged Trump to take a “tough” economic stance on China.

Here’s a prediction that amounts to a rather safe wager: an official announcement of Trump’s new plan will lead to meltdowns of epic proportions.

Days will pass, the furor will die down, and China will come to the table with more amenable terms aimed at improving relations.

Those that lit their hair on fire will magically find other things to talk about while paying scant attention to another win for the Trump administration and America as a whole.  

Perhaps those that love to manufacture controversies out of thin air will begin to catch on to the clear pattern that has emerged throughout the Trump presidency, but we’re not as confident in that wager.

Source: Daily Caller

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