California Democrat Caught Funneling $1.2B From Taxpayers To Liberal Obama-Fund

It’s obvious to Americans with common sense that Obama did his best to transform America into a 3rd-world communist country. His crowning achievement was Obamacare, the socialist takeover of one-sixth of our economy.

Some of you might be surprised we’re still talking about Obamacare. While Congress failed to completely repeal the nightmare program, it has been largely defanged. Thanks to Trump. The tax bill removed the individual mandate, thus removing Obamacare’s power.

But desperate and pathetic Democrats are still trying to use Obamacare as a backdoor to launder money and set up slush funds. Oh, did you think Obamacare was about helping people? Of course not. For liberals, the entire government is one big Ponzi scheme.

Now we are learning that one of the worst people in the world is trying to steal $1.2 billion from Americans, via Obamacare “navigators.” Guess who it is? Too slow, it’s tyrannical maniac Maxine Waters.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to Judicial Watch, the longtime liberal lawmaker has introduced a bill that moves over a billion dollars to “Obamacare navigators,” who conveniently happen to almost always be leftist organizations.

“A fraud-infested Obamacare ‘outreach’ program will get an astounding $1.2 billion from American taxpayers if legislation introduced by a veteran congresswoman becomes law,” the watchdog group explained.

“The preposterous measure, introduced by California Democrat Maxine Waters a few week ago, aims to recruit customers for the health insurance exchanges set up under Obama’s disastrous healthcare overhaul,” Judicial Watch continued.

Waters seems desperate to prop up Obamacare as a source of money for liberal groups, but she already has a shaky record of re-directing federal money to shady projects.

God, I’m so sick of this woman. You might remember Maxine as the race-baiting liar who continues to predict Donald Trump’s impeachment.

The decrepit mummy appears on CNN to declare that the duly elected President will be removed, for imaginary crimes. Of course, she goes on to declare that Mike Pence and the rest of the administration will also be removed.

It’s clear this crook is living in a fantasy world when she’s not trying to rob Americans.

Democrats have a long history of conning people out of money. Under Obama, every group—from the IRS to the DOJ—was used to funnel cash from legitimate sources to their shadowy liberal friends.

That’s not going to work. Obamacare is dead, Waters. So is your career. You’re going to have a hard time explaining to your supporters why you worked against tax cuts and policies that are making America richer.

And why you’re trying to rob Americans of billions to help your buddies.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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