Super-Sanctuary Mayor To Give Illegals Free Legal Aid, All On Citizens’ Dime

According to proponents of sanctuary policies, welcoming illegal immigrants with hugs and whatnot will lead to no problems whatsoever.

It’s unclear which part of that line of reasoning is more concerning: that they actually believe it, or that they expect American citizens to buy it hook, line, and sinker.

Of course, propagating that nonsense just isn’t enough for some elected officials, including this liberal mayor that has decided to go the extra mile for illegals at the expense of everyone else.

And we’re talking about the fact that he is demanding that $7 million of taxpayer money go toward his pet project for illegals: free legal help to help prevent them from being deported.

In essence, he is demanding taxpayer-funded legal help for illegals to help them fight the federal government, who are enforcing the rule of law.

Breitbart has the scoop.

Interim San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell is reportedly asking California for another $7 million so his city can defend every illegal immigrant that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detains in the Bay Area.

ICE reportedly detained more than 200 illegal immigrants last week in sweeps across the Bay Area, and Farrell, according to KTVU, is partnering with Assemblyman Phil Ting to request $7 million in state funds for legal defense services. San Francisco will reportedly spend about $11 million this year on legal defense services, which “represents a 236-percent increase.”

When one views things through liberal-shaded lenses, we would assume that Farrell’s plan is seen as a necessary step to ward off the heartless efforts of ICE officials that just want to make trouble.

Back in reality land, advancing a nonsense narrative is seen for what it is: a ridiculous attempt at grandstanding aimed at currying favor within the liberal echo chamber.    

“Our goal in this funding is to make sure that here in Northern California, and the court is in San Francisco physically, every single immigrant that comes before the court that the Trump administration tries to deport has legal representation,” Farrell reportedly said last week.

Farrell also claimed that defending illegal immigrants detained in the Bay Area is “not only the right thing to do, it is the San Francisco thing to do.”

California residents and in the know observers could quickly come up with dozens of other things that the funds could be spent on.

Farrell was elected to run a city the best that he possibly can while serving the needs of all residents.

Instead, he’s prioritizing the needs of the very few to ensure that the cool kids look at him as some kind of hero.   

He’s very far from that, and we’ll hold out hope that his constituents will hold him accountable for his reckless and irresponsible plan.

Source: Breitbart

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