Southern State Proposes Bill That Restores Full Constitutional Rights To Teachers

It’s a sad reality that public schools in America actually deny people their basic rights.

Students are often attacked for their religious beliefs. Teachers are denied freedom of speech and other liberties.

But in one southern state, that might be changing.

Teachers are waking up to the fact that they need to exercise every constitutional right available. If they want their schools to thrive, they cannot neglect a single opportunity. That has never been made more clear than what we have seen in Florida this week.

A lawmaker wants to give back teachers their freedom in the school system. He’s proposing a law that will restore teachers their fundamental, God-given, constitutional rights.

From Fox 2 Now:

Alabama State Representative Will Ainsworth says he will introduce legislation that would allow some public school teachers and administrators to carry a gun during school hours…

“Our kids are literally sitting ducks. You saw the video online of kids having to hide behind desks – they were literally defenseless. That’s where this came from,” explained Ainsworth…

“If a teacher, an administrator, a coach, a principal would like to be armed they can go through a training process. It’s going to be a POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) process used for law enforcement and they can actually carry a firearm in the school system.”

This is not just going to be a free-for-all. Clearly, some teachers are not fit to carry a concealed weapon, nor would they want to do so.

However, if a few teachers are properly trained and armed, things would be different. Schools will be much safer. Would-be shooters will think twice, knowing that many teachers are armed.

Gun-free schools are easy targets for killers. They know the students and faculty are defenseless. Shooters can roam campuses, picking off victims, safe in the knowledge that nobody will shoot back.

Those days must end. Schools need security to ensure what happened in Florida will never happen again. That means arming our teachers, training them, and restoring to them their 2nd amendment right.

Source: Fox 2 Now

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