After Trump’s ‘State of the Union’, Stock Market Reacts With Wild Swing

Perhaps the strongest indicator of Trump’s success has been the economy. Even liberals have a hard time denying the amazing turnaround, after just a year. From the day he was elected, the stock market surged. We’ve seen unprecedented growth in American stocks, thanks to Trump’s influence.

Thanks to massive cuts in regulations and the tax bill, companies are eager to bring business to the U.S. Investments are being made across the board. Jobs are coming back and consumer confidence is high. That all adds up to a healthy stock market.

Even Trump’s State of the Union speech had an effect on the stocks. I’ll let you guess how.

From Market Watch:

U.S. stock benchmarks pared gains on Wednesday, but traded mostly higher, putting the Dow in position to recover some of its roughly 540 points lost over the past two sessions. However, health-care stocks remained under pressure.

Strategists said President Donald Trump’s relatively subdued, and less inflammatory, State of the Union address could be helping the investing mood, as traders brace for a Federal Reserve statement, earnings reports and a raft of economic data.

Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.56%  gained 123 points, or 0.5%, to 26,200, led by a 5.4% rise in shares of Dow component Boeing Co., contributing about 125 points to the price-weighted average…

Stocks also were simply due for a pullback after a strong start to the year, according to many analysts. Factors such as an expanding U.S. economy, growth in corporate profits, and enthusiasm over recently enacted tax cuts and other business-friendly policies have helped to support stock buying.

Stocks go up and down from day to day. But the steady growth of the market since Trump’s election is unprecedented. Confidence that Trump will strengthen our economy—not harm it—has led to amazing gains.

Even his SOTU speech instilled confidence among investors. President Trump vowed his commitment to American manufacturing and jobs. He promised greater improvements in the coming years. When investors here that kind of confidence from the Command in Chief, they invest gladly.

The rest of the economy has continued to thrive, thanks to Trump’s policy. Businesses and consumers have a hopeful outlook for the future, after eight years of stagnation.

Even if you’re not an investor, this is news to celebrate. A thriving economy means more opportunity, more growth, and more prosperity for Americans.

Source: Market Watch

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