Social Security Admits $131M Mistake, Thousands Of Americans Affected

In recent times, we’ve learned shocking news upon shocking news about how the government’s been handling the Social Security Administration.

A program like Social Security is pretty complicated. Like most government agencies, it is mired in complicated rules, requirements, and red tape.

Honest Americans who want to receive benefits that they invested into this system often miss out, because they are not aware of how to navigate Social Security’s complications. On top of that, the government stooges that work for this swampy agency hardly even understand the system well enough to know how to properly help those who are qualified for Social Security benefits.

In fact, it is becoming more and more clear that the Social Security swamp slugs have no idea what they are supposed to be doing in their jobs. After an audit, they’ve been forced to come clean and admit that they have made a 131 million dollar mistake. A mistake which directly affects thousands of everyday Americans.

From CBS News:

A vast majority (82 percent) of beneficiaries entitled to receive survivor benefits and their own benefits weren’t informed of an option to claim a larger benefit. That’s according to a recent audit report issued by the Social Security Administration Office of Inspector General. The audit estimated that the Social Security Administration (SSA) underpaid about $131.8 million to 9,224 widows and widowers who were age 70 and older.

The report concludes that the SSA needs to improve how it informs widows and widowers of their option to delay an application for retirement benefits and initially claim survivor benefits until age 70. It was recommended that the SSA take appropriate action for the beneficiaries identified in the audit sample and determine whether it should do the same for the entire population of 13,564 widows and widowers who may have been underpaid.

It can be nearly impossible for the average citizen to make the proper claims for Social Security benefits. The steps required are very specific and tricky. On top of that, when a loss of a loved one has occurred, can you truly expect the widow or widower to have the capabilities of knowing what to demand from Social Security at such a time of grief?

I doubt any Social Security recipient would have known to file a restricted application, delaying their own benefits so that in several years they could receive more. Would you have known that? But, instead of informing the bereaved of this rule, the Social Security office let it slide.

It will be hard to prove that they did it deliberately. But the fact remains that government incompetence is often a shield to deny Americans what they deserve. We see it all the time in other government programs.

In the end, the only way to fix these problems is with stronger accountability. Hopefully, this embarrassing audit will wake this agency up for the better.

Source: CBS News

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