Sheriff Makes Teachers An Offer They Can’t Refuse After Florida School Shooting

Politicians have fired up their rhetoric in the wake of the Florida shooting. Liberals have made it clear they want to ban firearms. They think that criminals and shooters will not be able to hurt Americans if they don’t have access to weapons.

But some people have other ideas. Much, much better ideas. They understand that passing stricter gun control laws only makes law-abiding citizens suffer.

Instead, one sheriff in Ohio had another idea. And it’s quite the opposite of what liberals are demanding.

From Western Journal:

One day after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida, which left 17 people dead, Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones posted a video to Facebook explaining that “the current way we do things in the school system needs to be changed.”

…Later, when explaining who in schools should be armed, Jones suggested that retired police officers or military veterans could be hired as guards. Or, he said, perhaps school teachers need to be armed and trained.

Jones said in a follow-up tweet he’d accept 50 candidates for the class, and that interested school employees should email his office. Within 20 minutes, he said he’d already received 50 requests, and interest only grew from there.

Teachers were outspoken about their support of the sheriff’s idea. They responded positively on Twitter, clearly stating how they’d love to learn how to use firearms to defend their students.

The sad reality is, they might always have to deal with dangers in school. The Florida shooter should have been stopped long before he opened fire. We know that. If some criminal or terrorist tries to attack a school, the staff should be ready.

Why shouldn’t there be teachers or staff armed and trained? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? Hopefully, these teachers will never have to use those weapons. But being armed and prepared might ensure many lives are saved.

Obviously, teachers are enthusiastic. They actually care about their students. Unlike those politicians who call to confiscate our guns. They aren’t in danger; their children aren’t in danger.

It’s funny how the people well-protected from crime always wants to put the rest of us in greater danger. But those who have to face the danger? They want to be prepared.

Hopefully, this trend will spread throughout the country. Our schools should be safe for children and teachers. We need to do everything we can to keep them that way.

Source: Western Journal

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