Dems Demand Sharia Law Holidays. School Board Has Much Better Plans

Sharia Law is slowly but surely creeping into American culture—and in a very bad way.

As a nation that embraces many legal immigrants and their cultures inside our country, we also expect these cultures to assimilate into our culture. In short, American culture comes first, and then other cultures and traditions follow.

Unfortunately for America, radical Islam is a culture that demands first priority, and this religion is using Sharia Law to bully its way into foregoing the western culture and rule of law that we’ve known for over 200 years.

How do they do this? Certainly not through Congress. Certainly not through the courts.

What Sharia Law followers are doing is infiltrating the local governments. In our story, it’s a local school board that is being bullied to add Islamic holidays to their school calendar. However, Sharia Law was shut down by this particular school board, and thus, no Ramadan holidays have been added.

From LI Herald:

After nearly four hours of comments from the public, the Hewlett-Woodmere BOE voted to approve the third iteration of the 2018-2019 school year calendar, which does not include a day off for Eid al-Fitr.

“The common reason for discomfort in adding the Eid holidays was a lack of confidence in having a strong enough secular purpose for adding the holiday,” said Board President Scott McInnes. He stressed that the decision was influenced by discussions with legal counsel, not by comments made by the public last week, and that they could reconsider the holidays should a reason arise. One of the reasons given for not adding the holiday was too many students staying home to celebrate.

We are very grateful to this school board and its president for effectively standing up to Sharia Law. We understand that they will more than likely get a lot of backlash for their efforts, but we applaud them.

But we must not rest on our laurels over this victory. Radical Islam is very persistent and influential, and those that follow Sharia Law will do everything in their power to resist western law and western culture as much as they possibly can.

Let us remain strong in our fight to preserve American culture.

Source: LI Herald

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