Senate Republicans Beat Dems 21-18, Major Constitutional Right Restored

We like to think of churches as sanctuaries from the troubles in our lives and the vicissitudes of the world. A time to focus on the spiritual. And for Christians, a time of worship in song, in hearing the Word, and in prayer.

So the combination of guns and churches could seem inappropriate. The snag is that we live in a fallen world. One where the opponents of the Faith have demonstrated a willingness to enter worship services and commit mass-murder. And your right to defend yourself and your family is not revoked upon entering a church building.

In response to the tragic shootings in churches, the Virginia Senate voted to affirm Second Amendment rights to church-goers. The liberals are infuriated. That’s fine. They can go to church unarmed if they wish.

“The Republican-controlled chamber voted along party lines Tuesday to approve the measure, which would repeal a state law prohibiting weapons in a place of worship during a religious service. The state House still has to approve the bill, which Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam opposes and has indicated he would veto.

“Supporters say Virginia’s prohibition on carrying a ‘gun, pistol, bowie knife, dagger,’ or other dangerous weapons into churches during worship service is an archaic remnant of the state’s ‘blue laws’ enacted in the 1800s to prohibit certain activities on Sundays.”

The problem here is obvious. The state of Virginia never had the right to prohibit those weapons in the first place.  So that prohibition has existed apparently because it was never challenged in court.

Hence, while the Republican bill is salutary in its intent, and it would be nice to see it become law, it is basically irrelevant. A former Virginia attorney general agrees:

“A state Attorney General’s opinion from 2011 says current law already allows Virginians to carry guns in churches, subject to a church’s permission. But GOP Sen. Ben Chafin, the bill’s sponsor, said the legislature needed to clarify and cement the right to carry a gun in church into law if a church allows it.

“‘It’s a private property rights issue,’ said Chafin.”

It’s also a constitutional issue. Specifically, the Virginia legislature has no power to make laws abridging the right of private citizens to carry firearms into a church.

This story would not be complete without an example of a stupid comment coming from a supporter of gun control. Especially when we’re given such a good sample of this sort of thinking.

“Democratic Sen. Jeremy McPike said the Republican bill was too broad and there were better ways of letting houses of worship decide their own weapons policies.

“‘Those who are voting for this measure are voting for guns over God,’ McPike said.”

Real cute comment there, Mr. McPike. Go to the back of the class and be quiet.

Source: Fox News

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