California Creates 1st ‘Sanctuary City’ That Has Nothing To Do With Illegal Immigrants

No one was surprised to learn that California was so full of sanctuary cities that they decided to go ahead and declare themselves to be a sanctuary state.

But everyone will be surprised to hear that they just created a new kind of sanctuary city.

And this new sanctuary city has nothing to with protecting illegal immigrants at all.

Yes, California has taken the protections of a sanctuary city and extended them to a new group of criminals.

Breitbart breaks the news.

California’s war on the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution took a dramatic new step on Tuesday, as the city of Berkeley declared itself a “sanctuary city” for marijuana-related crimes

Berkeley is thought to be the first such “sanctuary city” in the nation.

The San Franciso Chronicle gives more details about just what this means.

The Berkeley City Council voted unanimously to become a sanctuary city for legal adult-use marijuana, prohibiting city agencies and employees from turning over information on legal cannabis activities and assisting in enforcing federal marijuana laws.

So law enforcement is no longer allowed to “collaborate” with the feds on marijuana-related crimes. Once again California is raging war on our constitution.

Why are they doing this? I mean obviously they seem to have lost a lot of brain cells from their pot use, but is there another reason?

“I believe we can balance public safety and resisting the Trump administration,” Mayor Jesse Arreguin said at Tuesday’s council meeting. “We’re keeping with the strong position Berkeley is a sanctuary for people in our community.”

Ah, so it’s about “resisting” Trump. Now I get it. Use Trump as an excuse to put drug-related crimes out of federal reach, thereby putting your own residents in even more danger than they already were from the many criminal aliens that are living there.

Um, yea. That makes perfect sense.

And now that they’ve extended their sanctuary city to protect marijuana crimes, whats to stop them from doing the same for any other type of crime?

My bet is it’s just a matter of time before they keep extending sanctuary city protections to every ‘federal’ crime that doesn’t align with the liberal agenda. And pretty soon, the only people left in these sanctuary cities will be criminals themselves.

Smart move, Berkley.

Source: Breitbart

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