Sanctuary California’s Lucrative Lifeblood Cut Off As Trump’s Mass Deportations Take Effect

Every American is expected to repeat the mantra, “The Democrats are the only champions of working-class Americans.” At least that’s what the Democrats would like everyone to say and believe. And of course, it’s false.

That’s not to say that liberals have never stumbled into some act that might have helped workers. But if you take a good, hard look, their policies and actions are more designed to grow and support a welfare class than the working class.

The Conservative Tribune picks up on a story that shows President Trump’s aggressive immigration policy working against California’s “sanctuary” status. It shows who is really helping California’s workers, and it’s not the Democrats.

California’s agriculture has long relied on illegal immigrant labor to lower costs. And for the most part, politicians have looked in the other direction.

Now, the chickens are coming home to roost in a major way.

According to Fortune, the California vegetable industry is suffering thanks to a labor shortage of migrant workers, likely due to both deportations and illegal immigrants leaving for Mexico now that Trump is president.

The ag industry in California will no longer be able to rely on the violation of federal immigration laws to pick their crops. That’s just too bad.

Continuing from Fortune: The ongoing battle about U.S. immigration policies is blamed for the shortage. The vast majority of California’s farm workers are foreign-born, with many coming from Mexico …

… To make the jobs more attractive, farmers are offering salaries above minimum wage, along with paid time off and 401(k) plans, but even that’s not proving enough.

Wait. Is this an admission that in liberal California workers were being paid less than minimum wage? Someone call Governor Brown. This cannot be in a liberal paradise that wants to raise the minimum wage.

And to heap further humiliation on the left in California, a Republican president’s actions are causing wages to go up for workers.

And that’s not all:

Between lost tax revenue, lost money for American workers, remittances that take wages out of the U.S. economy and the other taxpayer costs of illegal immigration — estimated to be $134.9 billion annually by the Federation for American Immigration Reform — we pay quite a bit to subsidize cheap labor for the vegetable industry.

In other words, costs cannot be waived away by government legislation or action. Those costs will be borne somewhere.

This is what is happening with our vegetables from California. We pay less than the market rate because the government partially subsidizes the industry through the back door of illegal immigration.

Once you get past the details, the point is clear: President Trump is causing wages to rise and job opportunities to increase for American agricultural workers in California.

The Democrats have suppressed wages and curtailed jobs for Americans by encouraging illegal migrants to work for lousy wages.

Once again, who is the real champion of the American worker?

Source: Conservative Tribune

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