Routine Traffic Stop Erupts Into $1M Federal Arrest Without Bond In Border State

The number of times that crooks are caught during routine traffic stops is astonishing. Are they that stupid or just utterly careless? Maybe they think that if they can flaunt one law, they can get away with breaking others.

Nevertheless, you would think that someone transporting illegal cargo would do everything possible to avoid an encounter with the police. Things like driving the speed limit. And making sure the vehicle is not in violation of any laws.

Apparently not.

A covered license plate resulted in local police in Kingsville, Texas, pulling over a tractor-trailer. One suspicious thing led to another.

A reporter with Breitbart Texas is covering the story.

“Agents with Homeland Security Investigations are expanding on a traffic stop in Kingsville, Texas, where authorities found 69 bundles with $1,071,503 in the cabin of a tractor-trailer heading for McAllen, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed. 

“Santos Hernandez Juarez, used a B1-B2 visa to drive in the U.S. for a company based in Donna, Texas. He was pulled over by local police in Kingsville because his license plate was covered, records say.”

Driving without visible license plates. What a stupid and avoidable risk.

Anyway, suspicious behavior by Juarez led to a search of the truck. As a result, an officer, “noticed the mattress in the truck’s cabin was heavier than normal and found 69 bundles of cash inside.” The cash totaled $1,071,503.

“Hernandez was formally charged with one count of cash smuggling and remains in federal custody without bond. HSI agents wrote in the criminal complaint that the operation was tied to the Gulf Cartel, which controls Matamoros, and is considered to be a brutal criminal organization that regularly uses tractor-trailers to move drugs north and proceeds south.”

Given who he was working for, Mr. Juarez might be much better off in jail. Powerful drug cartels do not appreciate subordinates who make million-dollar mistakes.

We cannot count on the stupidity of some truck drivers as the means for stopping the illegal drug trade. The size of the drug smuggling business is too large and those controlling it too vicious.

Law enforcement needs to be given every advantage possible to succeed. That means more enforcement officers and resources. And yes, that also means it’s time to build the border wall.

Source: Breitbart

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