Republicans Charge Liberal Court For Election Conspiracies Against Trump

Ever since Trump won in November of 2016, Democrats are desperate to claw back some power from Americans. After their huge Hillary loss, they’ve resorted to all sorts of nefarious schemes.

Attempts include trying to allow illegal residents to have voting rights. Others include fighting against any voter identification legislation that states may be working on to protect the sacred right of voting.

But this is the worst we have seen from liberals, by far, in using our own ‘unbiased’ court system against the President and the American people.

The uber-Liberal Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently decided to take every election from 2018 and beyond into their own hands and made an egregious error.

So egregious, in fact, that the Republicans of the state are not taking this sitting down. They are charging the court for conspiring against them and the president. In short, they have filed a federal lawsuit to stop these Liberals dead in their tracks.

From IJR:

Republican officials announced they will file a federal lawsuit to block a new court-drawn Pennsylvania congressional map from being implemented, according to Reuters.

GOP congressional campaign officials are seeking to stop the new map, which redraws district lines to give Democrats an increased chance of winning several House seats…

“The suit will highlight the state Supreme Court’s rushed decision that created chaos, confusion, and unnecessary expense in the 2018 election cycle,” said Matt Gorman, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, according to Reuters…

President Trump weighed in on the issue, calling for Pennsylvania to take it all the way to the Supreme Court. The Liberals of Pennsylvania have no right to rig the voting map just because they are losing. That’s like a kid trying to change the rules of a game just to benefit himself.

Yeah, in a way this makes sense. Democrats are pathetic children, after all.

This kind of scheme is nothing new. Democrats love to rig elections any way they can. They don’t much care about the will of the people, so long as they win. If they had their way, there wouldn’t even be elections. We can’t have Americans making the decisions themselves!

It remains to be seen what will come of this move. If Republicans are not successful, Democrats might sweep the state. Millions of voters will be denied their voice. All because a few hack judges abused their power.

Source: IJR

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