In Catch 22, Republicans Force Dems To Choose Between Their Top 2 Guilty Pleasures

Democrats stand for many things. In fact, they stand for so many things that they now contradict themselves on just as many issues. So it’s not surprising that conservatives are fed-up with trying to make any sense of their ‘logic’.

And now a Louisiana Republican, Sen. Bill Cassidy, is calling them out on it. He’s taking a creative approach to show liberals just how much nonsense they are spewing to the American people.

Cassidy has taken two of Democrats’ most popular special interest groups and basically said,”You can’t say that both of these groups are as equally important to you. You can’t have it both ways.”

From the Daily Caller:

Sen. Bill Cassidy took a new approach to criticizing California officials and sanctuary cities refusing to comply with ICE officers by directly reframing the debate around sexual and domestic abuse Thursday night.

The Louisiana Republican singled out Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf in a Facebook post for alerting 115 criminal, illegal immigrants of a pending ICE operation in order to “protect” them from arrest and eventual deportation.

Cassidy noted that the charges for the 115 individuals included “child sex crimes” and that “it’s crazy these California Democrats are protecting dangerous criminals instead of putting the safety and security of American citizens first.”

“Don’t they care if an American’s son or daughter is sexually assaulted?”

“Don’t they care if an American’s mother or father is robbed at gunpoint?”

“Don’t they care if a wife or girlfriend gets beaten black and blue by her partner?”

Democrats have to choose. They can’t be the champion of a special interest group that harms any of their other special interest groups. It just doesn’t work like that. One of the two will end up infringing on the ‘rights’ of the other.

Either illegal immigrants must be held accountable for their actions, or they’re going to continue to commit criminal acts that harm women, children, and other minorities.

Sen. Cassidy gave Democrats a clear ultimatum. They must make a choice, and it has to be soon.

Source: Daily Caller

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