Republican Lawmaker Strikes Power-Hungry Dems, Proposes Bill To Restore Constitutional Right

Every time there is a tragedy involving guns, Liberals go to work. They don’t stop to mourn or to offer condolences to the victims.

Instead, they push their political agenda, an agenda that will deprive Americans of their rights.

But one Republican lawmaker is fighting back. He is proposing a common-sense bill that will reduce the amount of gun violence on our campuses, from elementary school to college.

And he should know, as he lived through one the country’s worst mass shootings two decades ago.

From Conservative Tribune:

A Columbine survivor named Patrick Neville is demonstrating that not everyone is on the “guns are the problem” bandwagon.

According to The Washington Times, Neville attended Columbine High School when the infamous 1999 shooting took place. Nearly 19 years later, he is now the Colorado House Minority Leader… and he’s using that political position to promote concealed carry laws that could help protect students in dangerous situations.

The Columbine survivor-turned-lawmaker has introduced HB18-1037, a bill that would allow certified concealed carry permit holders to be legally armed in Colorado schools…

“As a former Columbine student who was a sophomore during the shootings on April 20, 1999, I will do everything in my power to prevent Colorado families from enduring the hardships my classmates and I faced that day,” Patrick Neville explained.

Neville knows firsthand the horrors of school shootings. He lived through the tragedy of the Columbine High School shooting, where many students and teachers were killed. And he is the first to condemn “gun-free zones” as a part of the problem.

Gun-free zones give shooters complete freedom to do what they want. They know that students and teachers are defenseless. In short, they are sitting ducks.

While everyone else follows that rule, the shooter can arm himself and go to town. How idiotic to think that a person bent on bloodshed will follow that rule!

Arming even a small number of staff at a school will change everything. These cowardly losers who want to kill will think twice about their plans. They will have to deal with the fact that well-trained teachers and staff will shoot back. I’m guessing more than a few potential killers will rethink their schemes.

Expect Liberals to try to kill Neville’s bill and use scare-tactic rhetoric to push their agenda.

We can only hope that Neville’s law will be successful. Because if it passes, a lot of innocent lives will be protected.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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