Trump Gives Democrats 313,000 Reasons Why They Will Lose Election 2018

As those with Trump Derangement Syndrome continue to go out of their way to explain how awful everything is in America right now, reality tells a vastly different tale.

President Donald Trump is delivering on his promises to Make America Great Again, and it’s been a pretty startling transformation to watch. Lower taxes, higher paychecks, leaping stock markets. All because of Trump.

And then on Friday, we received another clear sign that Trump’s plans are working out even better than expected. In fact, this news is such good news for the American people that Donald has come out with 313,000 brilliant reasons why the Democrats do not stand a chance this November.

In short, it’s ‘yuge.’

Conservative Tribune has the details.

According to numbers released by the Labor Department on Friday, the country added 313,000 jobs in February, more than one-third greater than economists expected and an undeniable signal that Trump’s economic policies are pulling the country out of the eight-year malaise of Barack Obama’s presidency.

And for Democrats hoping November’s results will reflect poorly on the White House, the news couldn’t be worse.

The stock market immediately jumped on what MarketWatch called a “reflection of the strongest labor market in two decades.” Even news outlets not known for their support for the Trump administration were forced to report the upbeat assessment.

Anytime a jobs report comes in better than expected deserves to be celebrated, but this one was downright mind-boggling in comparison to what was expected.

Even some of the most reliable anti-Trump forces out there had no choice but to hang it up as a large “W’ in the win column. Isn’t it amazing to watch the mainstream media be forced to swallow their pride and eat crow?!

The reliably liberal USA Today called the report “blockbuster.”

The New York Times, the unofficial house organ of the Democratic Party, called it “good news, with impressive employment gains.”

And even the Trump-loathing CNN couldn’t find fault, quoting Cathy Barrera, chief economist at the job recruitment site ZipRecruiter, as hailing the report.

Democrats seem to be pinning their mid-term hopes on convincing the average American voter that the sky is going to fall in on them any second now.

As the economy continues to surge forward at a breakneck pace, they’re going to have an awfully hard time doing that.

Another jobs report or two like this one, and it’s going to be a rout of epic proportions. And all Chuck can do right now is cry in his soup.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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