Putin Threatens Trump With Cutting-Edge Weapon That Could Render U.S. Defenseless

Trump is facing major backlash from liberals over his latest nuclear policy ordering the development of new nuclear weapons. The new policy is intended to counter Russian military policy that embraces the use of nuclear weapons.

And after hearing what Vladimir Putin had to say in his state-of-the-nation speech this week, the Trump administration feels fully justified in their new nuclear policy.

Putin spoke at length about Russia’s new weapons and their capabilities. But what stood out was one weapon in particular that he said was “invincible”.

From the Washington Examiner:

If the premise of the Trump administration’s latest nuclear posture review needed validation, Russia President Vladimir Putin delivered it today in blunt language, along with an animated depiction of a new nuclear cruise missile he said can evade any U.S. defenses.

The Pentagon’s new nuclear policy includes plans for new, lower yield options meant to counter Russia’s growing arsenal of tactical nuclear weapons.

Speaking in a nationally televised address, Putin taunted the U.S., according to news reports from Moscow.

“Efforts to contain Russia have failed, face it,” Putin was quoted as saying by Bloomberg, which noted Putin punctuated his nearly two-hour address with video clips of new weapons, including underwater drones, intercontinental missiles and a hypersonic system he said “heads for its target like a meteorite.”

Sounds like it was a wise move on Trump’s part to get started on the development of new nuclear weapons. If what Vladimir says is true, then the U.S. is way behind in nuclear weapon technology.

Liberals want to make it seem like Trump is trying to start a war with Russia just because he wants the U.S. to be more advanced in the nuclear weapon field than Russia.

But, the real question here shouldn’t be why is Trump demanding new nuclear weapon technology, but why hasn’t any president recently before him already done so?

Putin is not developing all these weapons solely to protect Russia or other nations. He is preparing for war. If the U.S. falls too far behind in weapon technology all bets are off on what an outcome would be if we had to go up against him.

Thank goodness Trump is demanding that America upgrade its arsenal.  If we waited too much longer, it could be too late.

Source: Washington Examiner

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