Donald Unveils Ingenious Plan To Privatize Iconic Government Program

All up and down the campaign trail, President Donald Trump made many crystal clear points about how he was going to clean things up once he got into office.

Fast forward to today, and he’s doing just that. Among the many items on the agenda is the ridiculous amount of government waste that unnecessarily drains taxpayer funds.   

As part of the new budget proposal, he’s about to take a hammer to billions of that waste.

Fox News has the scoop.

The White House will announce plans to stop funding the International Space Station after 2024 when it unveils its proposed budget Monday, Fox News has confirmed.

A senior NASA official told Fox News that the agency is working on a transition plan that would allow the station, known as the ISS, to be operated by a commercial concern.

The administration’s plan for the ISS was first reported by The Washington Post.

This is one of those things that has been on the books forever that no one really cares to take a look at.

In government land, deals that are put in place simply keep on going and going with nary a thought given to the cost.

That’s changing, and we can thank the man known for ‘The Art of the Deal’ for finally making it happen.

All or part of the ISS has been in low Earth orbit since 1998 and the station has been continuously inhabited since 2000. There are six astronauts currently aboard the ISS — two Russians, three Americans and one from Japan.

The ISS, which functions as a kind of floating laboratory, is operated currently by Boeing on behalf of NASA at a cost of between $3 billion and $4 billion.

Quite simply, it’s an exorbitant cost that most taxpayers had absolutely no clue they were even on the hook for.

When one really zeroes in on where all of the money is going, it’s impossible not to stop and think about how the funds could be managed so much better.

Thankfully, that day has finally come. Contrary to the beliefs of the anti-Trump forces out there, Trump didn’t amass such an impressive personal fortune by being a buffoon.

He knows how to make money. Just as importantly, he knows how to save it as well.

That’s something each and every taxpayer can get behind, and the president’s soaring approval ratings will continue to trend up as a result.


Source: Fox News

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