President Trump To Host Honored Guest Who Snubbed Obama 2 Years Ago

While the mainstream press continually portrays former President Barack Obama as if he was a beloved leader revered the world over, the reality is vastly different.

There are plenty of folks on our American shores that are none too keen on Obama’s legacy, and the same can be said for a number of other world leaders.

So for now, President Donald Trump is continually trying to reconstruct the bridges Barack burned around the world, and he’s about to extend another olive branch to a leader that essentially wanted nothing to do with Obama.

In fact, when Obama invited this powerful world leader to the White House, he snubbed the invitation just 2 years ago. But when Donald Trump made him the same offer, he immediately accepted.

The Washington Examiner shares the details.

President Trump will welcome Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House on March 5, marking the second time Trump will have hosted Netanyahu in Washington.

“The president has a great relationship with the prime minister and looks forward to meeting with him,” a White House official said in a statement provided to the Washington Examiner.

Under Obama’s leadership, the United States gradually descended from its lofty perch of a strong world leader to one that seemingly didn’t know which way was up. With all of Barack’s bowing down to world leaders, America looked very weak.

Other world leaders were quick to pick up on those changes, and our nation’s standing on the world stage was seriously damaged.

Trump is doing his best to fix that, and the reaction of other world leaders has been quite telling.   

Netanyahu was among the first world leaders who visited Trump at the White House after Inauguration Day…

Trump’s recognition in December of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel drew condemnation from Palestinians but earned widespread praise from Israeli leaders and their supporters in the U.S. The president announced plans to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in fulfillment of a campaign promise.

Despite the attempts of the Left and the mainstream press to portray him as some kind of deranged and unhinged leader, other nations have welcomed Trump with open arms.

His common sense and no-nonsense approach to things have resonated, and it’s becoming crystal clear that the United States is once again operating from a position of strength.

That’s a big win no matter which way you slice it, and it’s safe to say that things will improve on that front as throughout Trump’s tenure.

Source: Washington Examiner

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