Report: Presidential Poll Reveals Donald’s Mopping The Floor With Democrats

Last night, President Trump delivered his first State of the Union Address. A lot was riding on it.

2017 was a historically successful year, but the liberal media refused to report on it. Instead, they spent the entire year pumping up fake news stories and slandering everything Trump said or did.

This speech was the president’s chance to highlight the work he is doing. It was a chance to cut through the haze of liberal dishonesty. It was also a chance to expose Democrats’ disrespect for him and every American.

But what did Americans think? What was their reaction to his speech? If early polls are any indication, the left is in big trouble.

From Breitbart:

An “instant” poll of viewers who watched President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night found that 75% approved of the speech, while only 25% disapproved — a 50-point margin in the president’s favor.

CBS News remarked: “Eight in 10 Americans who watched tonight felt that the president was trying to unite the country, rather than divide it.”

The CBS News / YouGov poll may have been skewed somewhat by the fact that more Republicans watched the speech than Democrats.

However, Trump showed unusually high approval numbers even among Democrats who watched:

Many pundits who are normally critical of the president were singing his praises. Frank Luntz, for example, was deeply moved — and mocked the Democratic response delivered by Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-MA):

For a man Liberals frequently criticize as “divisive,” and a “poor communicator,” President Trump seemed to inspire even critics. Only the most extreme, hateful Democrats had anything bad to say.

Honest Americans? They were blown away by Trump’s powerful address. Many felt that his inspiring words brought Americans together. He was able to take attacks from Liberals and turn them upside down to expose the Democrats for who they really are: fakes.

But make no mistake: outlets like CNN and MSNBC will spend today finding reasons to attack Trump’s speech. They will ignore all the powerful moments and distort his words and intentions. That’s all the mainstream media is good at these days.

Americans aren’t fooled. They can see a president who is working hard to help all of us. Liberals? They’re just getting in the way.

Source: Breitbart

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