Police Seize Chemical That Could Easily Kill 250K People In Northern State

Our law enforcement agencies fight an uphill battle. They have highly-trained agents, advanced technology, and government backing. Yet criminals can strike anywhere at any time.

It often puts lives at risk. And requires our law enforcement to work overtime to locate and seize crooks and their goods.

And this latest sting is a wake-up call to every Pennsylvania resident. Police uncovered an operation that could have wiped out small cities. Right under their noses.

From Daily Caller:

Authorities in Pennsylvania seized enough heroin and fentanyl to cause a quarter million people to fatally overdose during a raid Sunday evening.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced the drug seizure Tuesday along with the arrests of 24-year-old Cesar Guzman and 30-year-old Duagermy Sanchez-Rosario.

The arrests came in the wake of a month-long investigation into drug distribution operations in Philadelphia, which lost an estimated 1,200 residents to opioid-related overdoses last year, reports WPVI…

“Putting the dollar value of these narcotics aside, the amount of drugs we seized would have created 250,000 doses of heroin and fentanyl,” Shapiro said Tuesday, according to WPVI. “That’s 250,000 potential death sentences averted.”

President Trump made busting the opioid crisis a major goal for his administration. Countless Americans die due to drug overdoses. Often they get hooked on medication after a surgery or procedure. Once the prescription runs out, they resort to drug dealers.

These narcotics pour in from drug cartels. They operate around the world, smuggling drugs in the U.S. via Mexico and other routes.

This bust proves how deadly the problem can be. The sheer amount of heroin and fentanyl seized could have killed hundreds of thousands of people. The value was over $2 million.

Liberals continue to bash Trump over his policies. But it’s clear that his plans to build the wall and strike at the opioid crisis will save American lives. This epidemic won’t stop unless we take action.

I guess Democrats don’t really care if we live or die.

Source: Daily Caller

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