Mattis Orders Pentagon To Cut All Soldiers Who Don’t Meet New Requirement

James Mattis is a leader who puts America before politics.

America hasn’t had a Secretary of Defense like that in a long time.

The Pentagon is taking its job seriously under his direction. That means holding our troops to a high standard. If they are not ready to fight when called on, then they shouldn’t be serving.

So Mattis has instituted a strict new rule. Itt’s going to have a huge effect on the military as a whole.

From PJ Media:

Defense Secretary James Mattis said the new Pentagon policy that will remove service members who have not been deployable for a year or more is about fairly sharing the burden within the forces…

In other words, if you’re not being deployed, you’re not in the military.

En route to Washington on Saturday, Mattis told reporters that there is a “higher expectation of deployability by our forces” and the policy isn’t “to make change for change’s sake,” as he vowed when coming into the department…

Mattis noted that if there are 100,000 troops and 10 percent are not deployable, “then 90,000 deploy more often, obviously to meet the same deployment standard — so that’s unfair.”

With a lopsided deployment burden, he added, “If you can’t keep the family together, then you’re either going to lose the family or you’re going to lose the soldiers, and that’s a net loss for our society and for our military.”

It makes a lot of sense when you think about it. There are numerous service people who are on the military’s payroll—but they’re not serving! Imagine having a staff that gets paid, but does not work. How long will that work out for an office or company? Not very long.

Under Mattis, our military is meant to be as lethal and effective as possible. It’s about men and women who work hard to keep us safe. The military is not a nursery school for entitled children to collect a paycheck.

Make no mistake, liberals will complain about this move. They will make excuses for service people who refuse to work, but still want to be on the payroll. Yet, as always, it’s a front to drain America of its resources and strength.

Thanks to Mattis, our military is formidable again. We are seeing victories around the world once thought impossible. This latest move is only about improving our Armed Forces and ensuring our troops are pulling their weight.

What else should we expect?

Source: PJ Media

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