Liberal Swamp Scam Uncovered After Pentagon Pays Out $7 Million To One-Man Company

Just when you thought we were making progress, the swamp rears its ugly head. The corruption in D.C. runs deep. It’s going to take a while before it’s fully cleaned out. That’s why we have to suffer outrageous stories like this.

Under the Obama administration, the Pentagon was run by political flunkies. They cared less about the military—and keeping Americans safe—than they cared about appeasing the hacks in Congress.

That’s why nonsense like transgenders in the military was even talked about. Despite it being a minor issue, political leaders in the Pentagon blew it out of proportion.

Even today, with Trump and Mattis in control, we have to shake our heads sometimes. It turns out the Pentagon is shelling out $7 million to a company with one employee. But when you uncover the facts, you learn its liberal nonsense at it again.

From Nextgov:

In late January, the Defense Department awarded a $7 million sole-source contract to Eagle Harbor Solutions LLC, an Alaska Native-owned 8(a) small disadvantaged business, to support the Pentagon’s enterprise cloud initiative. For months, the Defense Department has been laying the groundwork to bid out a contract for enterprisewide cloud computing services that could be worth billions.

Yet the decision to hire a consultancy to provide support services in the Pentagon’s execution of its Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud initiative is less surprising than who it was awarded to…

According to a Jan. 18 contract in the Federal Procurement Data System, Eagle Harbor Solutions was incorporated in Anchorage, Alaska, has one employee and an annual revenue of $91,005.

The federal contracting database and indicate Eagle Harbor Solutions has received two other recently awarded contracts, one of which was to an Interior Department office for cloud migration services, for a total of $1.8 million.

This company with a single employee qualified to receive three government contracts worth more than $8 million all because of a liberal policy that designated it as a ‘disadvantaged business’ because it is minority owned.

Democrats love to spend your money. It doesn’t matter how. They often overblow the federal government’s budget on items that make no sense.

We’re not just talking about handouts, folks. We’re talking about grants to businesses that produce nothing. Stuff like studies on beaver dams or the gender identity of boys in Africa (both real things they did).

So the fact that they are giving $7 million to one person is no surprise. Tech support is not a one-man job. Even in small businesses, a team of technicians is required to address everything. How can a company with a single employee handle something as complex as cloud solutions?

The announcement is deliberately vague. It doesn’t make clear if the money will be used to, you know, hire more staff. Most likely this company will take the money and do very little. Even within the Pentagon, government standards are ridiculously low. Take it from me, a former government worker.

These kinds of stories must be exposed. The American people deserve to know why our government spends money like this. Be sure to spread the word to everyone. The Pentagon must be held accountable.

Source: Nextgov

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