Obama’s Right-Hand Man Reveals Mueller’s Poisonous Plans For Trump

The Obama administration has a lot to answer for. We know that during the 2016 election, he tried to prevent Trump from winning. He wiretapped Trump’s campaign, hoping to find dirt he could leak to the public. It was a shocking violation of law and democracy.

Yet it is Trump who is being attacked, thanks to the bogus Mueller investigation. Baseless accusations continue to be pushed by the liberal media, fueled by hysteria from Democrats.

Now Obama’s former lapdog in the DOJ, is making a wild claim. Of course, it was on Bill Maher’s show.

From Daily Caller:

Former Attorney General Eric Holder believes special counsel Robert Mueller already has plans to charge President Donald Trump with obstructing justice.

Mueller is holding back on charging Trump until he can make sure he has the president dead-to-rights, Holder, who served under former President Barack Obama, said Friday night on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” He has made similar arguments in the past regarding Trump’s behavior.

“I’ve known Bob Mueller for 20, 30 years; my guess is he’s just trying to make the case as good as he possibly can. So, I think that we have to be patient in that regard,” Holder said. He has long-suggested that Trump should be held criminally liable for ousting former FBI Director James Comey during the midst of an investigation into Russian meddling.

Considering Holder said this on the Bill Maher’s show, casts his legitimacy into question. Most likely, he was giving bait to Maher’s rabid audience. There is no evidence Trump did anything wrong, either during the election or after. Charging him with a crime is a pathetic dream liberals hold onto to stay warm at night.

Holder is hardly the person to ask for advice concerning law and justice. The man violated the DOJ to pursue Obama’s criminal antics. He was held in contempt of Congress for the “Fast and Furious” disaster, a program that put guns into the hands of drug cartels and led to the death of an American border agent.

Under Holder, the DOJ was shaking down corporations for cash. The cash was then funneled to left-wing activist groups. That is a far worse crime than anything Trump is being accused of. Yet who is being roasted every night by the biased media?

I think Holder better hold his tongue. He is guilty of plenty of violations. If he’s not careful, the ax might fall on his own neck.

Source: Daily Caller

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