Obama Lackey Under Congressional Investigation For Collusion, Barack Scrambling

President Barack Obama’s eight-year ‘reign’ in office was one of the closest American administrations that resembled a kingship instead of a presidency. He, thank goodness, was no match for FDR.

But for some awful, liberal reason, Obama believed that his presidency was above the law in every way. So he took the liberty of this delusional thinking and proceeded to break the law, hire those to break the law for him, and appoint those to ignore the law every chance they got.

Now that the dust has finally settled from Barack’s abominable term, we are now finding out that there are many, many Obama-picked federal employees that are still working for the Obama regime instead of their new boss, President Trump.

On top of that, Congress has now been alerted to one such Obama sidekick that did his best to collude while hiding under the radar. Unfortunately, he’s been found out and is now under a full congressional investigation.

From Conservative Tribune:

A House investigative subcommittee is directing the EPA to investigate one of the officials Obama appointed while in office, after anti-lobbying laws were allegedly violated and the liberal ally tried to influence decision making in Washington.

“Chemical Safety Board (CSB) member Rick Engler worked with union activists to promote a grassroots campaign to keep the agency from losing its funding,” reported The Daily Caller in May of 2017. “Engler’s emails further raise concerns about the CSB’s impartiality.”

“If substantiated, these actions appear to implicate federal provisions restricting lobbying activities by federal officials,” Congressman Blake Farenthold wrote in a letter sent earlier this week.

Collusion with unions while a federal employee is shameful. Imagine what would be said if there was a Trump appointee that worked with pro-life activists while serving on the Chemical Safety Board. Democrats would be launching a million investigations, demanding that the person is removed from his/her position, and demand that Trump resigns from office.

But now that this is all about an Obama problem, the Liberals are pretending that there was no such thing as union collusion and are working desperately to sweep this issue under the rug. And for Engler to use unions for the sole purpose of him keeping his job. How insidious.

Thankfully, we have a Republican-controlled House that is not going to let this union-colluding thug get away with violating federal law. And soon, we’ll have another swamp slug drained from Washington.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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