Obama Judge Charged With Mass Corruption. His Excuse Makes Barack Proud

When the jig is up, it’s a good idea to finally come clean and mitigate the damage.

Of course, not everyone follows that advice. Some take this crystal clear sign as a green light to weave even more webs of deceit – including this state judge that was appointed by former President Barack Obama.

Western Journal has the news.

Federal authorities arrested a Texas state judge after he allegedly accepted more than $6,000 in bribes for favorable rulings, the Department of Justice announced Monday.

Rodolfo “Rudy” Delgado, 64, presides over the 93rd District Court for the State of Texas.

An unnamed attorney with whom Delgado had frequent dealings allegedly bribed him on three separate occasions in exchange for “favorable judicial consideration,” the DOJ alleges.

The DOJ has clear evidence that Delgado was up to no good, including fat stacks of cash being directly handed to him in a bid to curry favor.

Hence, charges have been filed against him. Common sense suggests the DOJ wouldn’t be filing charges absent a relatively airtight case, but it appears that Delgado thinks there’s still some wiggle room to be found.

CHS contacted Delgado to meet in a restaurant in South Texas and brought an envelope full of federally provided cash, which Delgado accepted.

The FBI investigators then claimed Delgado tried to pass off the bribe as a campaign contribution, sending a text to CHS.

“Good evening. Please call me,” the text read.

“The campaign contribution needs to be by check. I need to return that to you so you can write a check.” “Sorry for the confusion, I thought you knew and I did not open the envelope till today.”

It’s been noted that the bulging envelope itself contained a stack of $100’s and $20’s, so investigators are a bit puzzled as to how Delgado could be confused as to its contents when he took possession of it.

But his lies are not surprising when you remember who appointed him in the first place. Obama had no qualms about lying through his teeth and coming up with excuses while he was in the Oval Office, why should one of his lackeys?

Delgado has posted bond for the time being, and we can be certain he’s busy crafting more tall tales to tell with his legal team

Few things in life are more off-putting than those in power wielding their influence for personal gain, so hats off to the DOJ for exposing Delgado for what he is.   

Source: Western Journal

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