Obama Goon Goes Behind Trump’s Back, Sends Chilling Message To Foreign Enemy

Hillary Clinton did not win the 2016 presidential election. This is a fact that some Democrats are simply unable to accept or to assimilate into their thinking, words, or actions. As a result, we get weird behavior and bizarre remarks.

There are some left-overs from the Obama administration (including Obama himself) who are having trouble coping. Perhaps some sort of group therapy for these people would help.

After all, John Kerry might be a member of this distraught group, and he’s very familiar with losing presidential elections.

We mention Kerry since we have learned that he went to London to give the Palestinians some guidance on how to attack and oppose President Trump. He further encouraged them to do so.

The Trump administration hasn’t had any contact with the Palestinian Authority since announcing its plan to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. But that didn’t stop Kerry from sending the Palestinians a message:

“Stay strong and do not give in to Trump.”

Kerry made the comment during a recent meeting in London with Hussein Agha, a close associate of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Besides deliberately fomenting hostilities against our president in a foreign country, what else might be on Kerry’s agenda?

Kerry also reportedly told Agha he is ‘seriously considering’ running for president in 2020.

Can the Democrats never come up with anyone new? At least poor Al Gore (remember him?) had the decency to retreat into his fantasy world of global climate change after losing to George W. Bush. This included largely stepping out of the political scene.

Then there are perpetual irritants such as Hillary and now John Kerry. Maybe they cannot envision a world without their influence?

The good news is that we can. And, in fact, are largely enjoying that world right now.

Put on a smile and ignore the buffoons.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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