Trump Replaces His National Security Adviser With Iconic Conservative

The Trump Administration has been no stranger to significant shakeups. Since his inauguration, the president has kept people on their toes by making frequent staff changes, seeking out the people who best share his ever-evolving vision for America and the world.

Trump’s recent dismissal of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State sent a major signal to the international community that his foreign policy views are changing. As negotiations with North Korea loom, Trump has determined he must negotiate from a position of strength, and doing so requires seeking the advice of hawks rather than doves.

His current national security advisor, Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster, seemed to share the President’s vision initially. But in recent weeks it appears that tensions between the two are escalating.

For example, Trump was recently advised by McMaster to not congratulate Putin on his election victory, but Trump didn’t listen. McMaster has also been more skeptical of Russia’s role in the 2016 election than the President has been.

Now the President has determined it’s time for new blood in his circle, and his choice is yet another signal to the world that he means business.

From AP:

Charging ahead with the dramatic remaking of his White House, President Donald Trump said Thursday he would replace national security adviser H.R. McMaster with the former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, a foreign policy hawk entering a White House facing key decisions on Iran and North Korea.

After weeks of speculation about McMaster’s future, Trump and the respected three-star general put a positive face on the departure, making no reference to the growing public friction between them. Trump tweeted Thursday that McMaster had done “an outstanding job & will always remain my friend.” He said Bolton will take over April 9 as his third national security adviser in just over a year.

McMaster and Tillerson both appeared to be taken out of their comfort zone by the President’s boldness on the international stage, and both seemed to agree with aspects of the Iran Deal, which Trump has condemned multiple times.  John Bolton, on the other hand, appears to share the president’s strong opposition to the evil forces lurking abroad.

The former U.N. ambassador has worked in some capacity in the Reagan administration and both Bush administrations. He has been known for his aggressive stances when it comes to unleashing the full force of America’s strength on our enemies, a strategy that he and the President see eye to eye on.

As the much-anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and Trump approaches, Americans should take heart in the fact that our president is surrounding himself with individuals who don’t back down from a fight.

Source: AP

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