NRA Exposes 7M ‘Missing’ Threats That Congress Refuses To Do Anything About

In the wake of the recent school shooting, the left-wing media have gone to war with the NRA. They want you to believe that the National Rifle Association is somehow responsible for a small group of dangerous people.

But the facts are much different. Thanks to the NRA, many measures are taken to ensure safe gun ownership and operation. The NRA works with our government to protect Americans’ rights while making sure dangerous people don’t get their hands on weapons.

They recently dropped a truth bomb about how the government is neglecting their side of the issue. It turns out there is much more they can do to ensure existing gun control laws are enforced.

From Washington Examiner:

[T]here are major holes in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, that has allowed a handful of recent mass killers legally barred from buying guns to get one. In fact, in one recent study, 22 percent of gun buyers said they did not go through NICS first…

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre has suggested that there are seven million missing felons from the banned list and that 38 states provide less than 80 percent of needed information to NICS…

The gun industry’s main association, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, has established a campaign to fix the NICS system and said recent efforts have prompted many states to do more.

There is a laundry list of problems with the existing NICS. If it was properly maintained, some of the most dangerous people in the country would not be able to acquire firearms.

Some of the problems include the DOD not universally imputing dishonorable discharges. Just 8% of barred people who try to get guns are arrested, including convicts and illegal immigrants.

States are not required to work with NICS, despite getting cash from the federal government to do so. Those states that do work with the NICS often give too little information. Mental health is largely missing from the records.

Other problems include lack of communication, agencies not registering felons, and wrongful denials.

All this amounts to a shocking lack of accountability in the very system meant to enforce gun control. How can liberals demand stricter gun control, when our existing system isn’t even followed? What’s the point of passing more costly legislation, if those who claim to support it don’t follow through?

Imagine, seven million people in this country—all felons—who are not properly barred from buying guns. Liberals want you to think that limiting the Second Amendment is the only solution. Yet if we only followed the existing system in place, law-abiding citizens would not be harmed. And dangerous figures would not be able to get their hands on guns.

But will liberal outlets report this news? Probably not. They will continue their false narrative that there are “too many” guns in America. They will try to dupe Americans into thinking they are the problem.

Yet in the end, once again, the government is the real culprit.

Source: Washington Examiner

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