Anti-American NFL Shaken By Confession—Now 89% Of Players Could Get Suspended

The NFL has had a few bad years. Flooded with un-American players, fans have been dropping the sport in droves. And it looks to be getting worse.

Two seasons ago, players began to kneel during the National Anthem. You remember that well, I’m sure. They claimed to be protesting racism in the United States. Ironically, they ignored the fact that these men (many whom are black) could only enjoy their rich lifestyles in America.

Fans have spoken. Ratings plummeted, especially after the league refused to do anything about the protests. Now it looks like they have an even bigger scandal on their hands. This one might get a large portion of the players in legal trouble.

From Breitbart:

Weighing in with a surprisingly exact number, former Patriot Martellus Bennett says that he believes “89 percent” of NFL players smoke weed…

Given that large number, host Adam Lefkoe then asked Bennett if he was more surprised to run into players who didn’t smoke.

“There’s medical marijuana so there are times of the year where your body just hurts so bad that you don’t want to be just popping pills all the time,” Bennett replied. “There’s a lot of these anti-inflammatories that you take for so long that it starts to eat at your liver or kidneys or stuff like that…

According to the Daily News, “Bennett also couldn’t believe that marijuana was legal to get in some states, but it was still a crime to possess weed in others.

Bennett dropped an oddly specific number. There might be no way to find out if it’s totally accurate. But as a player who interacts with many others in the league, he’s probably close to the truth.

This athlete would know what his teammates were up to. Like most professional sports, players are eager to find the “best” way to improve their performance. Recovering from injuries is key to stay in the game. But heavy medications to treat pain are costly and bring risks. Sneaking a few nips from old Mary Jane could be a very popular alternative. So popular, that a huge number of players do it.

But that violates the league’s rules of drug use. Plus, many states still criminalize marijuana possession and use. This could lead to a very ugly confrontation with the players’ union.

If players are caught breaking the league’s rules, it could mean more than suspensions. If word reaches fans that their favorite players are smoking weed on their downtime, things will get worse. Parents won’t like the idea that their kids’ role models are using. Fan have already ditched the game over the protests. How many more will drop them because of this news?

Word is, the league is trying to change the rules so players aren’t punished for smoking weed. How convenient. You refuse to enforce your rules, so you just change ‘em! Why should your players be held to high standards?

That won’t change fans’ views, though. I’m guessing many Americans won’t like knowing these highly-paid “All stars” are using drugs. We might see support for the game drop even further.

Source: Breitbart

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