Likely Retirement Of Supreme Court Justice Stops D.C. Dems Dead In Their Tracks

When a Supreme Court justice retires or passes away, it gives a sitting president a huge opportunity. I guess we can say, a “yuge” opportunity. Already Donald Trump appointed a strong conservative, Justice Neil Gorsuch, to replace the late Antonin Scalia.

Speculation has abounded over what will come next. Numerous justices currently serving are in their 80s. It’s very likely that many will not be sticking around much longer. Retirement is a very real possibility during Trump’s administration.

So far, the current justices have vowed to stay on. Until recently. A Nevada senator has just dropped a bombshell about what the summer will bring for SCOTUS.

From Daily Caller:

Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada told a group earlier in March that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will likely retire in the coming months, Politico reports.

“Kennedy is going to retire around sometime early summer,” Heller told a group in Las Vegas. “Which I’m hoping will get our base a little motivated because right now they’re not very motivated. But I think a new Supreme Court justice will get them motivated.”

Rumors have floated around Washington since June 2016 that Kennedy would retire, but the justice hasn’t addressed those rumors publicly.

Rumors have circulated for a while about Justice Kennedy. The Reagan appointee has served on the Supreme Court for many years. He, like several others, is nearing retirement. But so far, he has made no official word.

So why is Heller saying this? Does he have some insider information? If he is correct, it gives Trump another chance to place a conservative justice on the court. Kennedy was often considered a “swing” vote. His decisions determined many cases. Replacing him with a strict constitutionalist will ensure the Supreme Court stays conservative for many decades.

Naturally, Liberals are panicking. If Kennedy retires early in the summer, it will give Trump and his GOP majority ample time to confirm a replacement. Another strong conservative will enter D.C., thus draining the swamp a bit more.

But is Heller’s tip legit? Will Kennedy announce his retirement soon? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Daily Caller

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