After Calling Military ‘Lowest Of Our Low,’ Liberal Lawmaker Faces National Backlash

It is not necessary to have served in our armed forces to realize the gratitude and respect they deserve.

They sacrifice so much to keep our country safe and deserve all the respect they can get.

Though, Liberals have never liked the military. It does not fit nicely into their world where we “make love, not war” as the old 1960s slogan went.

The snag is that much of the world does want to make war. And we’re a target.

But for Democrats to denigrate them and their service is inexcusable. That is an act of utter selfishness and ingratitude. It is nothing more than enjoying the benefits of their sacrifices while treating them like dirt.


One such Liberal lawmaker was caught on video ranting about the military in the vilest of ways. But again, he is so out of touch he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong and refuses to resign from his post!

From The Daily Caller:

“A California city councilman who also works as a public school teacher has refused to step down after making disparaging comments about the military.

“The Daily Caller reported last month that the El Rancho High School teacher made disparaging remarks about the military.

“‘They’re the frickin’ lowest of our low,’ the teacher, Gregory Salcido, told students in regard to the U.S. armed forces.”

This man’s attitude and speech are precisely the reason the public schools are criticized as cesspools of liberal indoctrination. Not coincidentally, this is speech that is another legacy of the disastrous decade of the 1960’s.

“Salcido is a councilman in Pico Rivera, California.

“He has since received national attention for his comments and requests to remove himself from his post.

“‘He’s disgraced us, disgraced this city, disgraced this nation,’ Councilman Bob Archuleta said, per a report from the Los Angeles Times.”

Of course, Salcido will not resign. Why should he? He is convinced of his moral rectitude. In his mind, he is simply teaching children the truth about the military, an organization he deplores. This is typical liberal arrogance.

“Despite the backlash, Salcido refuses to step down from his city council position. He has apologized if he offended anyone, and attempted to explain himself.

“‘I don’t think it’s all a revelation to anybody that those who aren’t stellar students usually find the military a better option … that’s not a criticism of anybody. Anything I said had nothing to do with their moral character,’ Salcido said, according to CBS Los Angeles.”

Anyone who is willing to take an objective view of this saga knows Salcido is just trying to cover his ass. He shot off his mouth revealing his true feelings. Now that he has been called out, he’s trying to cleverly explain away his offensive speech.

His efforts don’t work for us. And they shouldn’t for you either. And hopefully, this town is outraged enough to force him out of office in the next election cycle.

From: Daily Caller

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