Jill Stein, 2016 Presidential Candidate, Probed Over Russia Collusion

Most of us are sick of hearing about Russia collusion. We know Trump did not work with Russia. There has yet to be any evidence to suggest his campaign was in cahoots with the foreign power.

Yet the left-wing media continues to push it. They are still unwilling to admit he won the election. Russian collusion is their only excuse. Far be it from them to simply admit he was the better candidate.

But it looks like the Russian probe is only growing. They didn’t find dirt on Trump. So, they are moving onto other targets. It looks like the Senate is investigating another 2016 candidate for Russian collusion.

Will it lead to anything?

From NY Post:

The Senate is reportedly probing former presidential candidate Jill Stein for possible collusion with Russia.

The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee said Monday that the Stein probe was one of two investigations about Russian collusion that his panel is pursuing, according to The Washington Post.

Stein dined with Russian president Vladimir Putin during a 2015 Moscow event that was also attended by President Trump’s former national security adviser, Mike Flynn.

Politico reported in September that Stein — the Green Party candidate for president — was the beneficiary of Russian-bought political ads on Facebook…

These Russia investigations would be in addition to the ongoing probe of possible ties between Trump officials and the Kremlin.

Really? Jill Stein? Anybody but Hillary, huh Senate?

Despite the fact that more evidence suggests years of collusion between Clinton and Russia. Stein went to one party in Moscow. That makes her guilty!

Hillary Clinton sold off 20% of the United States’ uranium production to Russia. She benefitted from pay-to-play deals with the country. There is evidence to suggest she paid Russia for the bogus Steele dossier.

But we’re investigating the failed Green party candidate? Pathetic.

Perhaps Stein colluded with Russia. It certainly didn’t help her. She was a third-party candidate. That means she had little chance to win. It is far more likely that Hillary Clinton was working with Russia agents to steal the election.

Yet we aren’t hearing about any real probe into her behavior.

Until the real culprits are brought to justice, America will not be satisfied.

Source: NY Post

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