Donald Unleashes ICE Sweep On Monster Sanctuary City

President Trump’s ICE agents meant it when they said they are cracking down on criminal aliens. Earlier in the year, they warned sanctuary cities to get ready.

In response, the Democrats and the mainstream media have teamed up to promote lies on national television every day, saying that sanctuary cities are needed to keep these poor, innocent families together. They don’t want you to know that many illegals contribute to crime in our country. They don’t want you to know that illegals have killed innocent American citizens. In short, all sanctuary cities do is protect criminals and endanger citizens.

But now, it’s judgment day.

One of these cities with sanctuary status just got a rude awakening. Trump’s ICE conducted raids that apprehended 212 illegals. Oh, and guess what? A whopping 195 of them were convicted criminals.

From Daily Caller:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 212 illegal immigrants — 195 of them convicted criminals — in a five-day raid in Los Angeles, Calif.

The raid resulted in the arrests of 212 illegal immigrants and the targeting of 122 businesses. ICE said that 88 percent of those arrested were either convicted criminals, had been issued a final order of removal but stayed in the United States, or had been previously deported.

Fifty-five percent of the illegal immigrants arrested were previously convicted on serious or violent offenses, such as child sex crimes, assault, or weapons charges, or were convicted of significant or multiple misdemeanors.

Tell us again how these are Dreamers? I guess their dreams were to molest children. Liberals continue to block our very laws to protect criminal aliens. They don’t care that so many of them commit shocking crimes.

Do they really want Americans in so much danger? Are a few more votes that important? For Democrats, yes, they are.

The left has given up on winning over the American people. Like European governments who welcome migrants, Democrats want more illegals to flood the country so that they can manipulate them for votes. Who cares if they cause irreparable damage to communities, right Nancy Pelosi? As long as you get voted back into Congress again and again.

ICE must take increasingly drastic steps just to apprehend these criminals. Local L.A. police officers aren’t even allowed to notify the feds about them. It forces ICE to apprehend illegals in the middle of communities and neighborhoods. If innocent bystanders get hurt, that’s on California lawmakers.

So watch out, illegals. President Trump is abiding by the rule of law, and he will not let L.A.’s ignorance of the law stop him from arresting, detaining, and deporting.

Source: Daily Caller

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