As Investigation Heats Up, Hillary’s Best Bud Goes Bankrupt

Word to the wise: don’t get chummy with Hillary Clinton.

That’s good advice for all of us. But there seems to be a disturbing trend where the closest Hillary allies turn out to be the worst cretins in our society. Her right-hand woman’s husband, Anthony Weiner, is a sex predator. Numerous aids and donors were involved in shady practices.

Then, of course, there is the big dog. One of Hillary’s closest allies was taken down last year for vile, illicit behavior. Even though his own company fired him the second his disgusting news went public, now the company is crashing and burning into bankruptcy.

From Fortune:

The impending bankruptcy filing of The Weinstein Company [TWC] will likely add a major twist to the on-going lawsuits against the company, many of which relate to the alleged sexual misconduct of Harvey Weinstein.

The firm, which produced films such as The King’s Speech and Tulip Fever, revealed late Sunday that it would file for bankruptcy. If it follows through, it will probably have to be removed as a co-defendant in the suits where it is named…

A class action filed in December by actresses such as Louisette Geiss and Katherine Kendall claims that the production company and others enabled Weinstein’s predatory behavior. The company filed a motion to dismiss the suit last week, arguing that Weinstein alone was responsible.

Sure, Weinstein Company. I’m sure the company named after the rapist had no knowledge of what he was doing! Except, you had a sexual harassment clause in his contract because of how often he assaulted women. Accounts detail how his assistants were present when he raped actresses. You expect us to believe the company wasn’t involved?

Weinstein wasn’t alone in his horrendous actions. The fact that TWC fired him so quickly proves they knew all along. They reacted fast so they wouldn’t be implicated. Too little, too late, hacks.

Don’t be fooled. This bankruptcy is an attempt to protect themselves from damages. If the company has no money, they can’t be sued, right? So they are, once again, proactively working to protect themselves. Whatever cash the company has left is shielded from lawsuits. The scumbags of Hollywood are safe from justice.

This sounds like something right out of a Hillary scandal, am I right? Get caught, hide the evidence, and pretend nothing has happened.

This is just a scheme to avoid being held accountable for their part in Weinstein’s crimes. Once the lawsuits blow over, TWC will be back, pushing their garbage movies in our faces. But America won’t forget.

We won’t so easily let go of the fact that a major Hollywood studio was protecting a rapist for decades. We won’t march into theaters, spending our hard-earned cash to make a bunch of criminals even richer. And we’ll also make sure that anyone Hillary associates with come under immediate public scrutiny before other heinous crimes can be committed against innocent victims.

Source: Fortune

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