Feds Caught Handing Out Over $2 Billion In Tax Dollars To Boost Foreigners Over Americans

They used our own money against us.

Globalism might not be a word you’ve heard in recent months. But the concept continues to rear its ugly head.

Globalists manipulate our government to get rich.

They want to exploit foreign labor, at the expense of American employees. For years, they’ve made it easy for companies to hire low-wage workers while neglecting American citizens.

This was encouraged by both conservative and liberal leadership.

Now it seems like this policy has cost Americans more than just jobs—but billions in tax dollars.

From Daily Caller:

The federal government gave billions in tax subsidies to U.S. companies that hired foreign college graduates rather than American job seekers in 2017, according to immigration policy, think tank analysis…

Under U.S. tax law, neither the participants in OPT nor their U.S. employers owe payroll taxes for the foreign hires. These payroll taxes — Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance contributions — amount to 8.25 percent for both the employer and the worker…

Though George W. Bush’s administration initiated it, OPT grew significantly under Barack Obama’s administration, which created the 36-month framework for work authorization.

Republicans and democrats have catered to globalists for years. Swamp dwellers in D.C. have made it easy for powerful companies to cheat Americans out of jobs.

They move factories and plants to other countries, with no penalties from the government. Then they hire foreign workers here in America, further damaging American workers’ prospects.

This policy specifically hires foreign college graduations. So, it’s not just blue-collar jobs being lost, but high-paying office careers as well.

This happened in 2017, under the Trump administration. The policy was created by Bush but expanded heavily under Obama. Now is the time for Trump to act. He may have won more jobs for the United States, but what good is it if all those jobs are given to foreign workers?

Shouldn’t something be done to protect American graduates? Or do they have to fend for themselves on an uneven playing field?

Source: Daily Caller

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