Report: GOP Double-Crosses Conservatives, Will Fund Democrats Top Initiative In Spending Bill

After a $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill was passed by Congress in 2015, Sarah Palin compared the GOP establishment to spousal abusers.

Republicans in Congress have repeatedly failed to live up to their small government ideals and rarely deliver on their promises, “But like a battered wife, we keep going back because every four years they bring us flowers, beg our forgiveness, and swear they’ll never hit us again,” Palin said.

Indeed, when it comes to the national debt and reckless government spending, the GOP is often just as bad as the Democrats.

One issue where the right has always attempted to distance themselves from the left is immigration. Our Republican representatives earned our votes by promising to crack down on sanctuary cities and to help build a border wall.

But after an anonymous source leaked information from the latest spending bill, it’s obvious that when it comes to illegal immigration, Republicans talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

From The Daily Caller:

Republican leadership is going to fund sanctuary cities in the must-pass spending bill next week, giving Democrats a huge victory while simultaneously undercutting conservatives who put them in power, a senior GOP aide told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“House and Senate leadership has rolled over and played dead on border security. When it comes to a border wall, they say it is not our problem. When it comes to funding sanctuary cities, they say it is not our problem. What they are essentially saying is we are going to pass bills with more Democrats than Republicans,” the aide told TheDCNF.

“This is a sign to the administration that leadership doesn’t care what the White House wants. Even though GOP members ran on these issues. Conservatives mean it. The administration means it.”

This move by the traitorous Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell is at odds with the Trump administration. Our president has said from the beginning that securing our borders and defunding sanctuary cities is a top priority.

But the Republicans are not loyal to the president, or to the people who elected them.

And that’s not even the worse of it. According to the GOP aide, the new spending bill includes “Planned Parenthood funding, Obamacare subsidies, gun control legislation, a large tax on internet sales, and a host of other policies completely against Republican campaign promises.”

Ultimately, it all comes down to funding. Republicans don’t want to compromise with Democrats on what to cut from the budget, because it will likely lead to losing money for issues that their financial backers care about.

So in order to get their money from US taxpayers, they have to be willing to concede to Democrats on the issues that the American people care about. It’s the only way to get a spending bill passed.

Sarah Palin had it right in 2015. If we keep voting in spineless politicians like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, we can expect to keep having to deal with their abuse.

It’s time to kick our abusers out of the House, change the locks, and keep a loaded shotgun next to the bed.

Source: The Daily Caller

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