Midwest State Releases Strict Food Stamp Rules, Thousands On Welfare Directly Affected

Once entitlements such as welfare programs are pushed through legislation, they’re next to impossible to do away with.

Democrats know this full well, which is partially why they’ll play a game of inches to get what they want. Those inches will eventually add up to yards, and before you know it, there’s another entitlement on the books that drains the pockets of American taxpayers.

Once they make it on the books, they are next to impossible to get rid of. Unless someone actually stands up and fights back, that is. And one midwestern state has finally decided to take the bull by the horns and actually create simple, solid welfare reform. Other states should take note of these massive, but much needed changes.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is poised to sign a sweeping package of bills aimed at reducing welfare rolls by expanding work requirements and adding other restrictions. The proposals include several changes that no other state has tried and would require approval from the federal government.

The Walker administration now wants the work requirement to apply to able-bodied parents with school-aged children, and it wants the hourly requirement to increase from 20 hours to 30 hours. 

In addition to the SNAP work proposals, the welfare reform package would:

  • prevent households from receiving food stamps or child care subsidies if the combined worth of their personal vehicle is more than $20,000;
  • prevent certain noncustodial parents from getting Medicaid coverage if they are behind in child support payments;
  • and require able-bodied recipients of federal housing assistance who are unemployed or underemployed to undergo drug testing and participate in an employability plan.  

In a nutshell, Walker is trying to interject common sense into the equation. As he sees it, folks that are capable of taking care of themselves should do so.

On cue, those on the Left are crying foul to claim that such a thing is an outrageous request. So that is why we need to fully support Gov. Walker for making a valiant attempt to fix an unbelievably broken system. Especially since he’s been able to make these changes in a state that typically leans liberal and is full of union thugs. 

That said, the Left is never going to meet in the middle on this and enact simple common sense solutions that benefit everyone as opposed to just those that live on the government dole.

As such, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the upcoming midterm elections result in another devastating body blow for the Democratic Party.


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