Federal Jury Gives Food Stamp Millionaire Bad News About Her Freebies

We have all heard the phrase “trust, but verify.”

It is actually a Russian proverb, and it became a hallmark of Ronald Reagan’s presidency when he was trying to communicate with Mikhail Gorbachev. In short, Reagan was trying to peacefully and publicly end Communism, but instead of taking the Russians at their word that they would do so, he instead asked for proof.

How wise President Reagan was to institute that adage into American culture. Because we need it now more than ever. Especially in the world of bloated bureaucracies that hire workers who, in reality, do little work in a given day.

Because of the complacency of the average government stooge, more and more individuals are taking advantage of the government programs and systems that are paid for, courtesy of the taxpayer. Individuals who choose to falsify their applications. Individuals who want to pretend they are poor, needy, and victimized, when in fact they are loaded with cash.

However, fraud could easily be stopped when the government chooses to take the time to verify.

Unfortunately, in our particular story today, a government agency decided to trust, but not verify, and now the situation has gotten WAY out of hand!

From USA Today:

A Milwaukee woman who received food stamps, medical aid and other public assistance for years while failing to disclose income from $4 million worth of rental properties in Shorewood, South Milwaukee and elsewhere has been indicted by a federal grand jury.

The charges allege the woman, Marina Kolchinsky Porush, schemed to defraud the Social Security Administration by not disclosing the property and resources and that she “willingly and knowingly made a materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statement … to Special Agents with the SSA.”

When Porush and other public assistant applicants reported on a one-page form that they were self-employed or had no income, administrators of the taxpayer-subsidized programs accepted that as fact, with little or no additional verification, the Journal Sentinel found.

Porush and her six dependent sons received more than $150,000 in taxpayer-supported benefits over a five-year period, the Journal Sentinel’s investigation found.

The indictment, filed last week, includes two counts of wire fraud totaling $1,420 and one count of making false statements, related to Porush’s application for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, which was meant to help people with disabilities, blindness and those over 65.

Thanks to the many assistance programs refusing to verify that Porush actually in fact owned millions of dollars’ worth of property, the taxpayer is on the hook for this fraud.

However, now that we have a Reagan-like president in office in the shape and form of Donald Trump, let us hope that he puts the pressure on these agencies that give out taxpayer funds.

Let us hope that this story forces the bureaucrats to truly make the effort in verifying what people put on their applications for assistance.

For the sake of America, let us hope this is the last welfare fraud story we ever have to encounter. But I won’t hold my breath.

Source: USA Today

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