Feds Raid Texas Home, Arrest Obama Crony For Corruption, Bribery

Oh my goodness! A democrat official caught breaking the law!? Is nothing sacred!??

How many times—in the last year—have we reported on these kinds of stories? Too many to count. And yet the mainstream media remains silent.

Time and again we are discovering corrupt Democrats in power.

They’ve been caught laundering money, stealing from charities, taking bribes, and harassing staff. Seriously, they are like TV villains.

The latest is a Texas judge who was nabbed by the FBI after a year-long operation. This judge took bribes to let criminals off the hook. So much for justice.

From Breitbart:

For almost 10 years, a Democrat Texas judge took bribes from at least one attorney in exchange for favorable rulings, federal prosecutors claim.

Rodolfo “Rudy” Delgado of the 93rd Texas State District has been formally charged in federal court on bribery charges and was in custody since Friday when agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided his chambers and home.

Delgado is currently a Democratic candidate for Justice in the 13th Court of Appeals.

The charges against Delgado stem from a year-long FBI investigation where authorities used wires, recording devices, and confidential informants to document the bribes that Delgado would take from local attorneys, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed.

As part of the ongoing investigation, a South Texas attorney who claimed to be friends with Delgado since 1999 confessed to authorities that beginning in 2008, he paid the judge cash bribes in exchange for favorable treatment.

In one case, an undercover FBI agent paid Delgado $5,200 to have him release a client. The client was released the next day. Americans lose faith in our government because of these stories. How can we trust our leaders, when so many Democrats are doing this?

It’s getting to the point where we must assume all of them are crooked. Why not? They’ve watched their top leaders break the law for years. Obama, Clinton, and Congressional Democrats have been insulting our legal system. Why not the rest of them?

Democrats seem to think that there is a separate standard for them. While the rest of us mortals have to follow the law, they can get away with breaking it!

Not anymore. It’s time that every crooked official gets their just desserts. It’s time to crack down on the corrupt hacks who violate our system.

Source: Breitbart

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