House Votes 52-9 To Expel Dirty Democrat For Sex Scandal In Western State

You knew more Democrats would be outed for scandals. It just keeps happening. From the highest to the lowest, Liberals are proving they have little regard for the rights of women.

Or men or children. Or legal citizens.

In short, any law-abiding Americans.

Time and again we learn about officials using their power to coerce sex from staffers. They assault them, harass them, or even threaten them. Some have lured staffers into hotel rooms, hoping to trap them.

In one Western state, lawmakers said they had enough. The House voted overwhelmingly to oust this one Democrat. The vote included members of his own party. And for his own Liberal friends to kick him out the door, you know his crimes were serious.

From Conservative Tribune:

The Colorado State House voted overwhelmingly Friday to expel a Democrat member accused of sexually assaulting at least five women.

Fellow Democrats led the charge in a 52-9 vote in favor of the expulsion of Rep. Steve Lebsock, marking the first expulsion to occur in over 100 years, KDVR reported.

Five women accused Lebsock of sexual harassment and making repeated unwanted sexual advances.

State Rep. Faith Winter alleged that Lebsock grabbed her arm while she tried to leave a bar two years ago, described various sexual acts and grew angry with her when she refused to go home with him.

Don’t be surprised that most of the House voted to expel this pervert. Many of them might be afraid their own actions will be outed next. Voting so strongly might deflect suspicion.

Expelling this man should only be the start. Where is the investigation? Last time I checked, it was illegal to sexually harass a co-worker. Depending on the severity of his actions, Lebsock might be up for criminal convictions.

Ejecting him from office is great, but the law must be upheld. Police and investigators must uphold their end of the issue.

Unsurprisingly, Lebsock denies any wrong-doing. Few people accused of misconduct admit to it. Yet they often step down or do not seek reelection. Surprise, surprise. This is one of the few cases where lawmakers actually took action.

But where will it end? How many more lawmakers must be exposed for sexual misconduct? It seems like you can’t go very far without learning about their heinous actions.

Perhaps a major change must take place in our government so these terrible stories will finally end.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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