Democrats Promote Islam At Prayer Meeting. Republican Confronts Them With Question They Won’t Answer

Interfaith prayer meetings might sound very tolerant and very desirable.

Yet they can quickly become vehicles for compromising beliefs in order to display some sort of consensus to the public. And you can be sure that when such displays are held, it’s not going to be Islam that will be sacrificing beliefs to get along.

Recently, a group of liberal legislators in South Dakota held a rally in the form of a prayer meeting to promote Islam.

Republican State Senator Neal Tapio called out his colleagues. He pointed out a problem with Islam, and why its beliefs conflict with the Constitution and culture of the United States. Said the senator, “If you don’t have the freedom to leave a religion, is there a freedom of religion?”

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From The Argus Leader:

A state senator confronted members of an interfaith prayer group at the Capitol Wednesday, accusing them of disparaging him as a ‘racist.’

Sen. Neal Tapio, R-Watertown, watched as about 50 people representing various religions while they prayed at the Capitol rotunda Wednesday morning. The faith leaders prayed for tolerance and religious acceptance on what was the Legislature’s second day in session.

“If you don’t have the freedom to leave a religion, is there a freedom of religion?” Tapio said. “And that’s the question we have to asks ourselves as a state.”

As Tapio stepped away from the group he told reporters that the interfaith day was a “political movement.”

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Islam’s Sharia law contains provisions that violate our Constitution. When Tapio made his remark about the freedom to leave a religion, he was referencing what happens in some Muslim countries when a Muslim leaves that faith.

In the US, there can be no such persecution of any person based on what faith they adopt, or whether they adopt any faith at all.

But here’s what a Muslim official had to say about the matter:

“‘They might not like seeing us here,’ said Mohammed Sharif, director of the Islamic Center of Sioux Falls, ‘but we’re going to continue to be here, we will keep representing our communities.'”

It’s not a matter of seeing these people. The problem is their set of beliefs. We understand very well Islam’s position on freedom of religion. We also understand its position on women’s rights and host of other issues that do not comport with our Constitution.

Muslims need to assimilate into our culture and adopt our laws if they are going to live in the US. Bringing a foreign legal system into the country, Sharia, and insisting on its adoption is unacceptable.

Source: Argus Leader

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