Democrat Claims She Has Rock-Solid Impeachment Case, But Not For President Trump

Democrats have been trying to come up with a case to impeach Trump before he even stepped into the Oval Office. So it’s not surprising to hear that they’re continuing to dig up dirt to take Republicans out.

What is unexpected though is who liberals think should be impeached now. I guess since they can’t touch Trump, they’ve decided to try to take down any conservative they can. And Jill Abramson, a liberal writer at New York Magazine, claims to have a rock-solid case for impeachment.

So, she’s calling for the impeachment of a conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

Hotair reports: Jill Abramson at New York Magazine believes she’s assembled a case for demanding the impeachment of Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. She’s been assembling some of the details of allegations of sexual harassment against Thomas above and beyond the more famous story involving Anita Hill.

As many as four other women have made similar claims, with the latest being an Alaska attorney named Moira Smith. In 1999 Smith attended a dinner party where she claims that the SCOTUS justice grabbed her inappropriately twice.

Abramson is not claiming that Thomas should be impeached because of these sexual allegations, but because he lied about them in order to become a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

It’s because of the lies he told, repeatedly and under oath, saying he had never talked to Hill about porn or to other women who worked with him about risqué subject matter…

The idea of someone so flagrantly telling untruths to ascend to the highest legal position in the U.S. remains shocking, in addition to its being illegal.

Only one U.S. Supreme Court Justice has ever been impeached. That was Samuel Chase in 1804. Afterward, he was acquitted and then stayed on the U.S. Supreme Court until he died.

However, the fact that it would be very unusual won’t be the deciding factor for whether Democrats decide to run with this “case” for impeachment.

And, sadly, whether or not this journalist has evidence that proves Thomas should be impeached is not going to be a deciding factor either. What will be the deciding factor for Democrats is whether or not it will help their cause.

If Justice Thomas was impeached, Trump would just replace him with another conservative judge. So it would be a lot of trouble for Democrats without any great gain for them.

And we all know that Democrats don’t do anything that won’t help their own party and agenda. So my bet is that the so-called “case” for impeaching Justice Thomas isn’t going to be seriously considered.

Source: Hot Air

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