After Full Confession, Democratic Mayor Admits To Sexually Harassing Staffer

Liberals cannot believe their ears – another one of their own confesses to all.

If you thought the sex scandals were over, think again. There are still plenty of Democrats in office. Plenty of chances for more to be outed as perverts.

Like clockwork, another person has come out, stating a powerful official harassed her.

It seems like these leaders don’t know where the line is. It’s not very hard. You don’t say anything or send any message that your mother and father would not approve of you saying or writing.

I’m shocked that isn’t clear for some people.

Now that the cat’s out of bag, this Democrat is trying to get ahead of it to avoid any charges or punishment by an immediate confession. Let’s see if it works.

From The Political Insider:

Democrats are apparently the ones leading the charge in the #MeToo movement, so they’ll be saddened to learn that Democratic Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has issued a public apology after he was accused of sending unprofessional and “scary” text messages to a woman who served as a member of his security team.

Detective Leslie Branch-Wise claims that Hancock sent her numerous inappropriate text messages while she worked for him between 2011 and 2012. Screenshots of the texts show Hancock commenting on her physical appearance. In one particularly provocative text, Hancock asked if Branch-Wise had ever taken a pole dancing class…

Hancock issued a public apology in a video message. “Six years ago, when Detective Leslie Branch-Wise was on my detail, we became friends,” He said. “And I blurred the lines between being a friend and being a boss. Our text exchanges became too casual, too familiar, and last week I learned, after six years, that they hurt her and offended her….”

“I am here to accept the responsibility for that and to apologize.”

This isn’t the first scandal Hancock was associated with. In 2011, he was connected to a Denver prostitution ring. Um, what?!

Why would people elect a man even remotely connected with prostitution? That’s what we call a major red flag. Yet the dumb Liberals of Denver went ahead and elected this dude. Is it really a surprise that he would harass a woman with text messages? That might be the least of his crimes.

Don’t be fooled by his apology. This is just his attempt at getting out in front of the story. By appearing contrite, he hopes to win over the media. “Hey, this guy’s not too bad—he apologized!” Maybe we’ll all just forget and move on.

Then Hancock will be free to harass more folks. Unless he is held accountable, he will continue his behavior.

At the very least, he should be replaced by a better mayor.

Source: The Political Insider

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