Democratic Leader Strikes Plea Deal With Prosecutors To Avoid Jail Time

One of the biggest themes we have seen in the world of Democrats is that the moment they are given keys to any political power offered in the United States, they use that power to their advantage. Forget all those campaign promises about helping the people.

It doesn’t matter if a liberal is sworn into office on a city, county, state, district, or federal level. The power is just too much and it becomes easy for them to believe that they are above the law.

Because of their hubris, corrupt Democrats find no problem with taking taxpayer money and treating it like their own. And once any pinnacle of morality is shaken, the rest of the moral mountain is destroyed.

Take the case of our story today. This Democratic leader stole $33,000 from her own city government and used it to take trips to Paris and further encourage her affair with one of her staff members.

But will she go to jail for this like she should? Of course not! Her conniving self was able to avoid jail time if she announced her resignation, thanks to a plea deal.

From The Daily Caller:

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry pleaded guilty Tuesday to felony theft for spending more than $10,000 worth of government money, but will serve no time in jail.

Barry had reportedly been working on negotiations with Nashville District Attorney Glenn Funk to face no prosecution if she were to resign from office. Instead of jail, Barry will serve three years of probation and agreed to repay the city $11,000 in reimbursement fees, although it was reported she spent nearly $33,000 of the government’s money.

The news comes as Tennessee Bureau of Investigation received information that Barry could have broken the law, prompting her to announce her resignation at a press conference Tuesday morning. 

But is this really fair? Barry is acting like she is the victim, when she, in fact, victimized her entire city. Giving up her seat as mayor is nothing compared to sitting in jail and serving time like she should.

On top of that, she does not have to pay back all of the funds she stole.

Injustice upon injustice has occurred in the city of Nashville, and very little is being done to hold this woman accountable.

Hopefully, the voters know exactly what to do next election cycle: vote for the right and the truly moral person the first time around.

Source: The Daily Caller

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