Obama Crony Convicted For Taking Photos Up Women’s Skirts On Government Phone

Human depravity has been on full-display now for about a year. Not that it’s ever absent since human nature remains much the same. But we have entered a season when lurid sexual offenses have been made public, thanks to Liberals.

In fact, it has been one disgusting display after another. Perhaps we should not be surprised that Hollywood and Washington are the two main focal points. After all, they are centers of great wealth, fame, and power. All forces, when unchecked, lead to the corruption of morals and judgment.

And we saw over the past eight years under the Obama administration that corruption ruled the day and that the rule of law was thrown into the garbage can. With Obama leading the charge of malfeasance, it is no surprise that his associates, advisors, and cronies were also living lives of immorality.

The Daily Mail has reported on an especially egregious act by an Obama associate, and now the wages of sin have finally caught up with him.

“A married senior official in President Obama’s Department of Education was convicted of sex crimes and resigned for following women on the DC Metro and taking pictures up their skirts, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

“William Mendoza, 42, the former executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education, stepped down after he was arrested and charged with attempted voyeurism in November, 2016, for the vile acts.”

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This sounds like a stunt a high-school freshman boy might try with regard to the cheerleaders. Instead, we have an adult man hanging around subway stations engaging in this puerile and revolting behavior.

The vernacular today for such a person is “creeper.” This, to denote an older man who makes unwanted, ridiculous, and continuing sexual advances on a woman who is typically far younger than he.

“Mendoza, who earned $140,000 a year as a policy advisor in Obama’s White House, tried to take photos and videos up women’s skirts at least four times on his government-issued iPhones in July 2016 without their consent.”

This is another example of “your tax dollars at work.”

“When he took the indecent photos, he was supposed to be at work and was using a travel card funded by the taxpayer, according to documents obtained by DailyMail.com through a Freedom of Information Act request.”

Looks like he got off rather easy.

“He pleaded guilty to the charges in January 2017, was given suspended 90-day prison sentence, one year’s probation and was fined $100. He has not worked in public office since stepping down.

“Paul Y. Kiyonaga, Mendoza’s lawyer, told DailyMail.com that Mendoza received treatment after his conviction and is now trying to move on with his life away from public office.”

Mr. Mendoza is no longer on the government payroll. That’s the good news.

But you have to wonder why in the world his creep is allowed to be out and about in the world instead of sitting in prison for a good long while.

From: Daily Mail

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